Fine-Free Policy

Brown Memorial Library

Fine Free Policy


Effective February 1, 2021, the Brown Memorial Library will no longer impose daily overdue fees on most borrowed items. This action removes financial barriers and ensures that everyone in our community has access to our collection and resources.

Mobile Hotspots, Chromebooks, and Kindles are exempt and still accrue fines.

Due dates and overdue Materials
Patrons are expected to return items on their due date. Items are considered lost at 30 days beyond their latest due date and patrons will be billed for the cost of the item. No overdue fines will be incurred once materials are returned to the library.

Automatic Renewal
Any eligible item will still automatically renew four times unless the item has been reserved by another patron.  Items with holds cannot be renewed.

Lost and damaged items
Cardholders are responsible for lost and damaged items. Items are considered lost at 30 days past the latest due date.

Once the items are returned, the material cost fee will be removed from the cardholder’s account.

Blocked or suspended Library Card
Patrons who have three overdue items will have their borrowing privileges blocked until the items are returned. If items have been lost, the item list price has to be paid below $5.00 to reinstate borrowing privileges.

Borrowers who have 1 overdue mobile hotspot will be blocked from borrowing until the hotspot is returned or the replacement fees have been paid below $5.00.


Overdue Notices
A first notice will be sent at 7 days overdue . A final notice will be sent at 21 days. A billing notice will be sent at 30 days overdue. 


Board Approved January 12, 2021